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Testimonials from some of my past clients


Russ was a tremendous help in finding us a home that was within our budget. He was patient, considering we didn't really know what we wanted and he made excellent recommendations until we found one we liked and that worked for us. He always made us feel like we were the only people he was working with. This is our first home purchase and Russ is someone I will recommend as well as use again when it is time to purchase another home. Thanks for your help Russ! You made the process so easy.


Russ was extremely knowledgeable in helping us find a home on the lake. He knew all the areas and had good information on the lakes we visited.  He went above and beyond just sending us the current listings.  He also found us listings and previewed the homes to see if they fit our criteria.  He spent many hours with us and we found the perfect home because of his attention to detail. We highly recommend him to our friends and family.

Bill & Pam
Waterford Michigan

Russ was kind and helpful. We had not bought a house in over 40 years so we had no idea what was in store for us.

After reading the testimonials on Russ's website, we gave him a call.  We'd had a bad experience with a previous realtor, so we were cautious.  But it turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

He answered all our questions and even worked around our schedules to show us houses.  As busy as Russ can be, he always returned our calls.

Even when we decided to put the search on hold for almost a year, Russ waited patiently for us to be ready. He told us that when we were ready again, he'd be ready to help.

Bottom line, Russ is a very good realtor who goes above and beyond what you expect. Thank you Russ for everything! We and our dogs love our new home!

Frank and Maria Botello

Downriver homes for sale

This is one of my favorite testimonials.  It is from Larry Foote of the Pittsburge Steelers and now the Lions.  He is University of Michigan graduate.  He grew up in Detroit and  was a member of the Steelers superbowl champs team.

I recently bought a new home through Russ. I called him and told him what me and my Husband were looking for. He called me back in a few hours and had 10 houses for us to go look at. He knows his business very well. We were looking at foreclosures so some of them where pretty bad, but Russ knew what to look for and when it was a good buy. Thankfully because of Russ, my family and I have been in our new home for 6 months and we couldn't be happier. Russ bent over backwards for me and made me feel like family. He is the only person I will ever buy and sell houses through and I recommend him to anyone I can.
Jackie Cone
Dearborn Heights, MI

Relocating to Michigan from Texas this past summer (2009) was a really big decision for our family.  Of course, the most stressful part of a move is deciding not only where you want to live, but finding a house that fits into your price range and also fits your family's personality.  With my husband traveling internationally for work and a child wrapping up the school year, we had only a specific time frame that allowed us to visit Michigan for house-hunting.  One of my husband's work colleagues referred us Russ, and we contacted him to start our search.  The next day, Russ sent us lists of homes that fit our criteria and followed up with weekly updates, allowing us to develop a list of homes that we wanted to see during our house-hunting trip.  Russ is a consummate professional - his knowledge of the real estate in the Detroit Metro area is impressive! He also knows about schools, places of worship, things to do in particular areas...he really provided us with so much information that we really felt comfortable about our move.  Russ makes the effort to understand his clients very well...he knew right away whether we like a home or not, he paid attention to the details we liked, and also made great suggestions.
When we arrived in Michigan, Russ had made all the appointments and after looking for a couple of days, we narrowed our search down to our top 6 homes.  We made an offer on our favorite, which wasn't successful.  But within hours, Russ called to say that a home we had seen ( but had been a little out of our price range) was now a short sale - and if we were still interested.  Through his expertise, we managed to get our dream house right before our daughter started her new school.  Russ stayed in touch with us  through every aspect of the transaction and kept us updated on all details.  We could also count on Russ for referrals to professionals such as plumbers, electricians, etc. for a few renovations we've done since moving in.   He is truly a treasure-trove of knowledge and his input should be trusted - he knows what he is talking about.
I'm a picky person.  My husband is a stickler for detail.  Our move was time-critical.  But Russ was so great to work with because he understood that about us and worked so hard to get us into a home that we truly love.  We can't thank him enough! 


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Russ Ravary should play the lead role on your home buying team*.  

Russ is a workaholic: he's going to be at the showing twenty minutes early, he's going to have a folder of comparables, he's going to have details on the neighborhood - even if you emailed him late the previous night.

Russ is experienced: he has a deep knowledge of many Metro Detroit communities (Livonia, Plymouth, Northville, etc.), he has worked all types of transactions (foreclosures, short sales, etc.), he has previously handled the problem you're going to run into when purchasing your home (in fact, he's probably blogged about it).

Russ is adaptable: he has been early to adopt new technologies, he has been quick to adjust offers to changes in the marketplace, he has been ready to meet the personal needs of his clients.

Russ Ravary was my real estate agent, and I have recommended him to my friends.

* I would also recommend finding a good: lawyer, home inspector, credit union, title company, and insurance agent (home, life).

- Don

Dear Mr. Ravary,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support, guidance and knowledge towards the purchase of my first home.  You were very kind, friendly and patient during the whole process.  The good thing I like about you is that you have never pushed us to buy any home, but walked with us and gave us yr honest opinion about homes we visited.  You had never rushed into make a decision but gave us a time to make the decision wisely during the whole process.  You made me familiar and explained with some of the real-estate terms and that helped me a lot during the whole process.  Even after the home purchased, I know I can still count you for any help towards my home.  I would definitely recommend you to my friends/family for their future home purchase!   

~kash patel~

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Dear Russ,
It´s been 2 months since we moved into our new Canton condo and we
are very happy with it. In the beginning we didn´t even
know what we needed but with your help, guidance and
patience we chose the best condo in the area with the best
price according to our needs. We were looking all over.  We looked in Novi, Warrren, Canton, Farmington Hills.  But we finally found our Canton condo.  We appreciate everything you
have done for us. We would recommend you without hesitation
to everyone we know who wants to buy or sell a house.



We wanted to write you Russ and tell you thank you once again.  It has been five years now in sunny Arizona.  You told us how to fix up our house and what to do to get the most money for our house in Michigan.  Then you helped price our home and deal with the other realtor.  We got top dollar at the time for our house in Michigan.  If we had waited, all this would not have been  possible.   We were able to buy a house out here in Arizona at a price we could afford with your help and advice on the mortgage.  Our house has gone up tremendously in value and we love it here.  As Uncle Jim says "what not to love."  Thanks so Much. 

Ted & Bernie Jaroslawski.

Dear Russ,

My Husband and I have been in our new home for about a year now and we both feel that it would not have been possible without your help.  We wanted to write and let you know that we appreciate everything you have done for us.  I want to thank you for showing us around and negotiating to help us get an excellent home that meets all of my needs.  I was impressed with your knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, businesses, parks, recreation, restaurants and home prices.  You are my #1 Realtor and I will recommend you to my family, friends and any one else who need to buy or sell real estate.

Best Regards

Nabila & Joe

We were moving to the area and Russ made finding a house soooo easy.  He e-mailed me listings to look at and set up appointments to look at 35 houses in 4 days.  He was patient with my kids and no question was ever too unimportant for him to check on.  He made the negotiation process as painless as possible and even after closing, he helped with many details while I was still out of state.  Russ helped us find our dream house and I would highly recommend him!!

Illysia N-L

I am not sure how my husband and I met Russ over 6 years ago but he has become a very important part of our family. Russ advises us when is the right time to make our moves and when we need to be patient and wait. Russ has not only helped my husband and I acheive what we wanted but  has assisted my family and friends with his expertise. I am truly blessed to have Russ guide us through the real estate process over these years. After meeting Russ's better half, I see why he is so blessed because he is a blessing to others.

Mary and Kelsey Whitaker

My husband and I chose Russ to be our real estate agent after a friend highly recommended him.  We were moving here from Canada and only had a few days to look at homes.  When we came in to town, Russ went far above the call of duty.  He had thoroughly planned our 2 days and had numerous homes lined up for us to view.  After talking to us briefly and asking us a few questions before our arrival, he new exactly what types of homes would be ideal for us.  After searching for a short time he found the perfect home for us. 

After the sale, Russ even met our painters, carpet cleaners and home inspector at our new home since we were still out of town.  He also gave us detailed lists of available utility companies, schools, cable services, cleaning companies, house cleaners, fun things to do and wonderful restaurants in the area.  Russ made the entire experience enjoyable and easy.  He has a laid back, genuine personality and my entire family felt comfortable with him immediately.  He feels like a friend not just our real estate agent.

I would HIGHLY recommend Russ to anyone with complete confidence.    
Lindsay Gourneau

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"If I could talk, I would say thanks Russ.  But as you can see I tied up doing more important things"  

A year ago my husband and I started looking for a house with the help of Russ Ravary.  We thought this search would take a long time.  With the technology we had available we were successful after 3 months.  It took us over a year to find the house the last house we bought.  We know what we wanted exactly.  Russ used the Internet and e-mail to keep us up to date on the houses that had just gone on the market, the length of time they were on the market, and all the public record data.  I never thought I would have a house on a lake with all these features.

My biggest obstacle was putting our house up for sale.  When we put the bid on the new house and it was accepted, Russ said it was time to put the old "For Sale" sign up.  I wasn't ready!  First we hadn't told any of our neighbors, second we weren't quite done putting the finishing touches on the house and third we were going on vacation and I didn't want people in the house while we were gone. 

It took over a week for me to be convinced that this was the right thing to do.  After several talks at our kitchen table I said yes.  Russ knew the faster we got the house up for sale in the spring the better our chances were to sell it.  The sign went up the day after we left for vacation.  I was worried on Sunday because that was the first (and only) Open House.  On Saturday we were on our way to the airport to come home, Russ called us with the news...there was a bid on the house!  I couldn't believe it the house was sold in a week!!!!   Homes in our market were taking over six months to sell.

People always ask what we did to sell the house so quickly.  My answer is to trust your Sales Agent. He/she is in this business and deals with it everyday so you need to trust his/her expertise.  Some of the advice we got was to get rid of the clutter, make it less personal and the big one remove the flowered wallpaper.  Russ was forthright in giving advice on how to make the home more saleable.  Sometimes I did not like what Russ had to say about the house, but we did what he said.  And it worked.  We sold it in 7 days for 97% of the selling price.  It was a combination of luck and doing the rights things to get the home ready for sale.  Russ came through 3 times telling us what to do.

Luckily, I (we) listened to what Russ say.  I'm so grateful for everything he did for us, we are now enjoying our new home...sorry Russ for making you a little crazy!

I first started looking at real estate listings online nearly a year ago, but at first I thought I´d never really buy one. I hadn´t been paying attention and thought I still couldn´t afford to buy a place. I also had no experience in buying a home and I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing before I bought. For most questions I would search online, the topic had been discussed on Russ´ blog.  Not only that, he was local. Over the summer, I finally decided to start physically looking at houses and Russ was the only choice.

My preferred method of contact was email and he always responded in a timely fashion. He was patient with this first-time home buyer, and worked with me through my initial bid process. I was surprised when they accepted the bid! The transaction went smoothly, with Russ patiently answering any questions and concerns I had. From the first time we looked at houses to the closing was exactly one month. I´ve been here five months now and people still marvel at what I got for the price I paid. When I requested a plumber, he was able to provide one was lived close by and was economical.

Thanks for everything, Russ.
~ Christine M.

Russ is my cousin and he was my first choice when I needed a mortgage.  I was having to buy out my ex-wife after a divorce.   I knew I could count on him to keep my finances private.  I don´t want the rest of the family to know my business.  Here it is 2 years lates and I have never heard a peep from any of my relatives.  Unless I tell them they don´t even know that Russ did my mortgage.  Russ got me a great rate that my friends don´t have..  If you are thinking of getting a mortgage and you worry about Russ knowing your business.  Rest assured it will remain confidential.

John Jaraslowski

As a first time home owner, it was important to me to find not only a home that met my personal needs, but also met my financial needs.  Russ spent months showing me homes in order to find the perfect place.  Once my bid was accepted, Russ also helped to get me a great interest rate for my mortgage.  He was very patient, helpful and understanding throughout the whole home purchasing process.  I recommend him to any prospective home buyer.

Mandy Carlson

Hi Russ,

I wanted to thank for helping me get my Milford condo.  I know I limited my chances of finding the "perfect condo" by wanting a certain small area.  But you came out here whenever we found one.  It took me a year of looking but finally we found one that was the "one".  It was a short sale which I knew nothing about.  You told me about all the problems that might happen with a "short sale" and some of them did.  You were good about re-assuring me about the length of time short sales take.  But we finally got the condo!   Thank you from Courtney and I.

Kelly Przywara

December 29, 2007  

Dear Russ,

It has been a little over 6 months since we moved into our new home.  We are very happy with it. 

Lisa and I want to thank you for everything that you had done for us.  You made the process of searching and buying this home very easy and very smooth.

Lisa and I were just thinking about that the other day.  You were very helpful from the beginning with sending us listings every week and driving us around to every home.  We appreciated your patience and advice.  As a newlywed couple looking for a larger home to start a family, your input was greatly appreciated (and needed).  Your knowledge about the market, the various home locations and the home conditions helped us make a good decision, not to mention steering us away from homes that would be difficult to sell in the future.  We remember one home that was right next to an electrical tower.  (I don´t think we even got out of the car.  J)

Also, when we did select the home we wanted, it was a great plus that you were our mortgage broker as well.  It definitely made the sale process easy. 

To top things off, we appreciate your continued service with contacting us when the mortgage rate drops. 

We would definitely recommend you to any of our friends who may be looking for a home to buy or sell.

Again, thank you for everything.


Al (and Lisa) Yuen

Dear Mr. Ravary,

My husband and I just wanted to say thank you. About two weeks ago we discovered your site. Your info about millage rates was incredibly helpful and prevented us from making a big mistake when looking to purchase a home. Even though we live on the western side of the state we wanted to let you know that we appreciate your assistance and will pass along your name to anyone that we meet looking for a house in that area.

Thank you again,
Jim & Jackie

It was so good to meet a nice and honest Realtor.  It was like he was part of the family.  I was recovering from an illness and we needed to move to a home that was all on one floor.  We had already found a renter for our home so we had to put together the deal quickly.  Russ took care of it all and made whatever trips to our home that were necessary to get everything done.  I had no worries at all.  All I had to do was make it to the closing to sign my name.  We were out of our old house and into the new  in plenty of time so the new renter could move in. 

We even lost our closing package  during the move and he was nice enough to make a new one and drop it buy.  Though I tell him I gained five pounds on the cake that he brought to us.   I would recommend him to anybody that needs a Realtor or mortgage person.

Lorraine Schanstra


I wanted to thank you for helping my mother and dad sell their condo down in Taylor.  It started becoming too much for them being so far away from family.  My mom is much happier here close to us.  With house prices falling I am so glad we got what we did for their condo.  When you told me some condos in the complex sold for $35,000 less than they got, I was counting my blessings.  My mother would have a heart attack if she would have had to sell at that price.

Thanks again,
Joanne P.


I am a wholesale mortgage representative that goes to many mortgage brokers and lenders in the Metro Detroit Area.  I can send my personal friends and family to anybody because I know so many different mortgage people, but I send them to Russ.  The reason I send them to Russ is that I know he give give them a good rate and low closings costs.  I see what many mortgage people charge and how they do not always give the best deal.  Russ has done several different friends of mine in the past years and they have nothing but good things to say about him.  That to me that is golden, to know that who I recommend does a good job and treats my family and friends right.  He has even done other brokers loans for me when they could not them them done themselves.

Anonymous (so I won't get in trouble with my other brokers)

Dear Russ,

Just had to let you know that my home buying experience was enjoyable, thanks to your expertise, wise counsel, and always responsive service. We have settled into our new home and are very satisfied with our choice - you helped us get everything on our wish list at a price within budget!  You can be sure I will recommend you to every one I know.  

You bring home results



"I was looking for a realtor and not knowing anyone in the business, I looked online. I heard from several people, but it was Russ with his no-nonsense approach that sold me. I asked what my first step should be and Russ stated immediately that I needed to get pre-qualified before looking at any properties. Great advice! After receiving my pre-qualification letter, Russ and I looked at many properties. As a first-time home buyer my knowledge was very limited, but Russ was more than willing to advise me on my best plan of action. We looked at many properties together and Russ was always on time; most of the time early for our appointments. He made my first experience of buying a home stress-free. If anyone asks me "Can you recommend a good realtor?" My answer would be, "Yes. Russ Ravary."


Our experience with Russ was outstanding! He was completely knowledgeable about the entire home buying and mortgage process. His honesty and insight about the homes we viewed, enabled us to make make the correct home selection. I would recommend Russ, without hesitation, to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

R.J. Carlson

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